Annual Tree Sale

The Pines Conservation Society has helped homeowners plant more than 4,000 trees over the years. We purchase directly from the nursery and arrange delivery to the Pines freight dock.  By ordering in bulk we are able to pass the savings on to you.

Spring is always a good time to plant. 

Black Pine (Pinus thunberg) is noted for its whitish and colorful terminal buds that provide interesting contrast with its dark green foliage. They can quickly grow 12" to 18" per year.

Amelanchier (Amelanchier canadenis) is a deciduous, early-flowering, large shrub or small tree, which typically grows 15'-30' tall. They are hearty but, in their younger stage, are susceptible to deer. We recommend planting them in deer protected areas. It blooms white in the spring and turns a rustic gold in the autumn.

Pitch Pine (Pinus rigida) is a medium sized pine, native to the northeast and Fire Island. It provides habitat for and offers food for many wildlife species.


Trees are expected to arrive the week following Memorial Day. As always, delivery is subject to tree harvesting and weather conditions.  All trees will be delivered to the Pines freight dock only. Trees must be off the freight dock within 48 hours of arrival. Purchasers must arrange delivery from the dock to their home. A landscaper or Coastline Freight can help -- additional charges may apply. PCS will contact you shortly before arrival to confirm arrangements for delivery. 

For best results, plant trees soon after delivery.  Until planted, keep the root ball not let it dry out.  After planting, use a soaker hose and make sure your trees are well watered during their first year will help ensure a healthy tree.

Questions can be directed to any PCS board member or email to

PCS is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of the Pines.