PCS was founded in 1966 to preserve, restore and ensure Fire Island Pines retains its natural beauty for generations to come. As a nonprofit volunteer organization, PCS is committed to maintaining the community's natural ecosystems. Ongoing projects include: Brockman Plaza and Whyte Hall landscaping; preservation of the Cranberry Bog and other sites; containment of Southern Pine Beetle infestations; and partnering with arborists and others to remove dead and dying trees community wide. PCS' annual tree sales have provided over 4,000 trees to homeowners. The annual GO Native tours recognize the importance of Fire Island's natural ecology to the future of the Pines.

OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS:  Scott Ahlborn (president), John Krawchuk (vice president), Russell Saray (secretary), Gary Groff (treasurer), Vincent Cericola, Jerry Gaschen, Bob Howard, Mike Koessel, Ricardo Mulero, Steve Norring, Jim Streacker, Larry Tallamy